Do I Need Caravan Insurance?

There are very few types of insurance that you must legally take out and neither touring or static caravan insurance is one of those. However, the purchase of a caravan is normally a significant investment with many people buying one with the assistance of a loan if they do not have the savings available.

So, although it is not a legal requirement that you have this type of insurance in place, is it not a sensible course of action to arrange insurance for your caravan especially bearing in mind the reasonable cost of arranging such valuable cover and the peace of mind that this would provide?

After all, what would happen if your touring caravan were stolen from the caravan park that you had left it at for your family's summer holiday whilst you were on the beach or if your static caravan were burnt to the ground whilst you were a hundred miles away back at your family home? Both those forms of holiday accommodation would no doubt have provided you and your family with many delightful affordable breaks and would have continued to do so in the future.

Either of these unfortunate events would cause you and your family a significant amount of upset but how would you go about replacing your touring or static caravan so that you can continue to enjoy well-earned holidays? Do you have the savings available or would you want to take out another loan? Perhaps not!

Well, if you had taken touring or static caravan insurance out such a policy could potentially have paid out sufficient funds to enable you to buy a new caravan. This would mean that you could continue to enjoy those memorable family holidays.

So, the answer to the above question is surely "Yes".

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