What is Caravan Insurance?

Whether you purchase a touring caravan or a static caravan, one thing is certain, it is likely to have involved a significant investment on your part. Whilst there is no legal requirement to specifically insure a caravan, this would be a sensible thing to do as it would provide you with peace of mind should the untoward happen.

During 2010, there were about 1,250 touring caravans stolen throughout the UK with even more being broken into and their contents stolen. There is also the possibility of your touring caravan being accidentally damaged either on the road, where it is stored or whilst on a caravan park. In the case of a static caravan, it could be subject to some form of accidental damage or be broken into and its contents stolen whilst on its permanent site.

Quite simply, caravan insurance will provide cover for your caravan, its fixtures and fittings and your personal belongings should an unfortunate event such as mentioned above and below occur. In the case of a touring caravan, this would be whilst it is being towed, in storage including at your home or on a caravan park. This cover would include such risks as theft, fire, storm, flood and accidental damage due, for instance, to a road accident. In the case of static caravan insurance, your static caravan would be covered for all these things whilst on the likes of a holiday park.

Is your caravan covered by your car insurance?

Regrettably, your caravan is not but you would probably be covered for any third party liability whilst towing it – check with your car insurer. Therefore, if you were involved in an accident whilst towing your caravan and it was deemed that you were responsible for the accident you will find that your car insurance would probably provide cover for damage to any third parties but not for damage to your own caravan.

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